Hey Friend!

I'm so glad you're here! If you've found this page, my guess is you've tried one (or many) of my LIVE workout classes before. In case you haven't, let me tell you what it's all about...

Earlier this year, I had to leave my exchange in Singapore early due to Covid19 :( To keep myself occupied during 14 days of self-isolation (I could only go in 3 rooms!), I started teaching online fitness classes. I've been a Fitness Instructor since 2018 and can honestly say it's the best job in the world! It just seemed like the right thing to do.


Anyways... a few weeks ago I had to make a tough decision: go teach virtual fitness classes for my university OR continue what I've started. So, I made the (nerve-wracking) decision to strike out on my own. 

I have created classes in the form of a Total Body Workout Plan and YOUR testimonials and results gave me the confidence to offer this program. 


If you're not ready to commit to classes every week, I offer one FREE class a week on my IG stories (details all on Insta). If you're debating, take advantage of my 14 day free trial. The reason for the generous trial is after the first week, you'll be convinced that my classes are FUN. By the second week, you're going to notice how much stronger you were than the week before - and you'll realize that they are also EFFECTIVE. 

Whether it's my classes or something else, I want you to find something you LOVE! I just want you to stay happy and healthy right now - whatever works for you, do it! 


If you have any questions, I'm just an Insta dm away and ALWAYS happy to help! I hope I see you in class soon! 


Love your (hopefully) Fav Fitness Instructor,


Class Schedule

All classes at 5:30pm EST

Monday - HIIT Cardio (35 min)

This is Choreographed, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Not sure what that means?

-> We're talking burpees and tuck jumps mixed with dance breaks.

-> We're talking music you can sing along to.

-> We're talking, "holy crap, I haven't felt like this since my last amateur athletic performance"- level out of breath.

-> We're talking modifications so it's challenging as heck no matter what fitness level you're at. 

-> We're talking dripping in sweat.


It's hard and it's fun - and I can't wait for you to try it. 


Tuesday - Abs & Arms (30 min)

Abs & Arms seems to be a "love it" or "love to hate it" day (I personally love to hate pushups). This is a low-intensity, strength workout for your Abs & Arms - to fun music, of course.

If you've been to class before you know that low intensity =/= easy! Schedule it in your calendar and Countdown the days until this burner of a class ;)


Wednesday - HIIT Cardio (35 min)

FREE on IG Live! 

The same thing as Monday with some new music. Somehow, Wednesday always seems harder than Monday & if I had to name this class, I would definitely call it Hump Day HIIT. Can you tell my degree is in marketing?

Thursday - Legs & Booty (30 min)

Another low-intensity, HARD strength workout. We alternate "power" and "specific" tracks to target ALL the muscles in your legs & booty. We're going to Get Low and Bootylicious.

Friday - HIIT Cardio *Disco Party* (35 min)

Arguably the best day of the week. Not even arguably... this IS the best day of the week. From neon pink outfits to pulling out old dance costumes to Clubbing-themed playlists, I can't guarantee the same thing every week, but I CAN guarantee it will be one heck of a fun time.

Why are Classes Structured this Way?

I combined my Personal Trainer knowledge with my Fitness Instructor dance moves to make a class schedule that is HARD & FUN no matter what fitness level you're at. The modifications will challenge YOU and make sure you're actually getting stronger every week, and the dance moves will make sure you have fun while you're doing it.


This is a Total Body Workout Plan hidden under a bunch of fun music. Classes are short enough that you can ACTUALLY commit and be consistent, even as a busy student or full-time employee. I can honestly say it's the most FUN way I know to get an effective workout at home every week, and I am SO excited for you to join me!

Need some Help?

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