There's Never Been a Better Time to Get Better - I'm Back!

Hello again friend!

Can you believe we're almost 1/12 of the way finished 2020?!? I can't believe how fast this month has flown by. I mean, I've sure been keeping busy on exchange!

Updating/posting on my blog has continuously been on my to-do list, yet has somehow become sidelined to other priorities over the Holidays and this whirlwind of a month.

I think I've been placing too much pressure on myself to come up with the BEST article ideas, and created this insurmountable, big, task in my head that I didn't have enough time to "sit down and figure it out". Do you ever get like that? Maybe it's not with a blog, but I often create these monstrous-sized tasks and get stuck doing nothing because I don't have enough time to "figure it out" that day. New fitness routine? New healthy-eating regime? New study schedule? New habit plan? Yep, been there too!

I decided I need to put less pressure on myself to post the best blog articles, and just POST! One thing I think I've been really good at being consistent at is Instagram stories, and I think it's because there's no pressure. I literally just show up everyday and share what's going on in my REAL life - no filters or edits. So, moving forwards, I want this blog to be much of the same thing. I'm throwing away all of the "tips for a killer blog", like writing lists, researching, linking, super high-quality cover photos, optimal word counts, etc., and I'm showing up as ME!

It will be an online journal/log/diary of what's up in my life. I want to let you in on what's going through my head, what I'm up to, and how I'm working on getting better everyday. Hopefully, you find my little corner of the internet helpful, relatable, or inspiration in some way and can use my continual self-improvement journey to fuel yours.

This goes for you too... stop focusing on the "best", and just START. The best changes are the smallest ones. They are realistic, and do-able in a day. It doesn't take the "best & most well-researched idea" to post a blog article, much like it doesn't take an "entire new fitness routine" for you to lace up your runners and sweat for 30 minutes watching a YouTube workout or going on a walk/jog/run.

So, I want you to pick one SMALL thing you can do within the next 24 hours to work towards a big goal you have. Got one? Great! Now, go write it down! Either in the comments below or in your book. (I'm a big fan of having a "book". I use it to record running to-do lists, random ideas, and snippets of inspiration.) If you don't have a "book" yet, maybe that can be your thing to start. Anyways, I digress...

Fo choose something & start!

That's all for now friend. Don't worry, I'll be back much sooner than last time :)



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