"The OG Amaze-balls" | Easy, Cheap, Delicious Energy Bites

Hi Friend,

As you know, for a week in quarantine I decided I was becoming a food blogger. I have since changed my mind. I like sharing what I'm making with you occasionally, but I am not nearly passionate about it to share new, fun, delicious recipes with you consistently.

I figured it would be better to share them here than on my Insta feed since this is so much easier to search and find when you actually want to make it!

So, this is a re-post of my first and second-last recipe of my food blogging dreams...

Hey Friend, or should I call you "chef"...?

Even if you don't feel like a chef yet, you will soon be cooking up a (healthy) storm. I know that making healthy meals easy, quick, & fun is a BIG promise, and I will do my best to deliver. You see, my journey into healthy eating started at least 5 years ago when I first started dealing with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). It didn't take long to learned not only how making healthier choices impacts your body, but also how simple is CAN be.

I know most food blogs show gorgeous, Pinterest-worthy photos with fancy, complicated recipes, but not here! I'm a student, my guess is if you're reading this, you are too, and we have neither fancy kitchens nor oodles of time.

I am going to give you the basics. This will be the simplest possible ways to make healthy food; no fluff or expensive ingredients that warrant a trip to a health food store. I am bringing my student kitchen to you.

I am so excited to start this little project! Maybe it will just keep me busy during quarantine, or maybe it will turn turn into something much, much bigger. Who knows?! Honestly, I just want to inspire you to make some healthier choices and teach you how you can ~realistically~ do so.

Okay, enough from me, let's get cooking!

These balls of goodness are my first-ever memory of "healthy treats" - and they are also what got me hooked! I think I first made them when I was 15, and they've been a hit ever since. Seriously, even self-proclaimed "healthy treats aren't real treats people" LOVE these. They are shocked to find out there is no flour, sugar, or butter! (but there are chocolate chips, of course)

I've have adapted the original recipe I found 5 years ago (ah, scary!) since then to make it as EASY as possible...

You need one 1/2C measuring cup, and if you add the ingredients in the order I listed, you won't need to wash it in between. The only other equipment you need is a bowl (obviously) and a fork for mixing. That means you have a grand total of three - THREE - dishes, all of which you can put in a dishwasher, if your student house is lucky enough to have one. Seriously, it doesn't get simpler than this!

Let's get to it...