IBS Update: Starting and Stopping Plexus Triplex

To Recap:

My last IBS update was February 20th, so just over a month ago. I shared:

The opportunity presented itself to try (yet another) product that could help my gut. This company seemed different and they really cared about fixing the root of the problem (aka your gut) through a combination of products called Triplex. Although I was not 100% convinced, I decided to take a chance and try it.

Within a few days, I noticed a huge difference. My symptoms weren't (and still aren't) completely cured, but for the first time, I have hope. As I shared on Instagram,

I don’t know if it’s fluke, placebo, or if these products will actually be the solution I prayed for... What I do know is that for the first time in YEARS, I have HOPE. If these products give me nothing else but hope, they have already been worth it.

So, here I am, hoping that I am in the middle of my IBS transformation story. I am hoping these products continue to work magic on my gut, and that I can share a success story with you. I hope that one day I can share symptoms I used to have, and have a solution I can offer you so I'm not just complaining. The good news? I think I am on the way there...

So, Did they Work?

Yes. They did. My symptoms weren't 100% gone, but they were 1000% better. I felt normal again. I had more natural energy than I had in years. My bloating was not gone entirely, but it was significantly better. Bathroom regularity became a concept again. My skin started clearing up. I had more muscle definition. That was in the first three weeks.

I also learned a ton. I did more and more research on gut health and our microbiomes. I learned that IBS isn't forever. It is an umbrella term for a bunch of symptoms, and (like I'd been trying to convince my family doctor for years), there IS a root cause. In short, the microbiome is made up of both good and bad bacteria. If the bad bacteria get out of control and overpower the good bacteria, it causes symptoms like bloating, gas, irregularity, skin issues (hello, acne), lower energy levels, mood changes, and more! It is fascinating, and an emerging field so I expect we will only continue to learn more! The more I learn, the more I'll share.

This isn't the typical "transformation picture" you'd see on a fitness account, but it's the proudest transformation I have. The picture on the left was exactly two months ago. I was at a LOW. My symptoms were the worst they'd been in a long time. On the right? That was today after way too much dinner. Yes, I'm still bloated, but you can see a huge difference. It's under control. I still felt like I could move and breathe normally. To me, this is progress. And I'm dang proud of it!

What's Changed Since?

Overall really satisfied and things were going well. Then, I messed up. I didn't account for the extra time it would take to ship products overseas and I ordered too late.

I realized I would run out of product before more arrived in Singapore. So I rationed out 1 week's worth of products over two weeks. Then, the day before they were supposed to arrive, the Canadian government released a international travel recall, and within 12 hours, I was on a flight home to Canada.

So, a month's worth of products are sitting in Singapore, and I am not. I spent 40 hours travelling home, and upon my return slept for over 24 hours straight. Needless to say, it was a crazy few days.

Within a day of awaking from this Sleeping Beauty-like slumber, I noticed a difference in my gut. My bloating was coming back, I had no regular bathroom habits (if you know, you know), my skin was breaking out, and I felt really gross - like I had no energy. After being off the products for a week, it was VERY clear they were working when I used them.

My Dilemma

After spending so much money on the products and the shipping, as well as armed with more knowledge about the gut and the specific ingredients in the products I was taking, I hesitated re-ordering.

The company, Plexus, is a network marketing company, which means that the products have a high markup in order to pay out commissions to the Ambassadors. I won't go into much detail about this, but I don't have an interest in "working the business". I want to find a solution that works for me, and do everything I can to share it with others, but I have no interest in recruiting people to join a sales team.

If you are interested in a network marketing opportunity and struggle with any gut related issues, I would highly recommend checking it out. However, for someone like me who isn't interested in working the business, it doesn't make sense to pay for such expensive products. I wanted to see if I could find products with equal or greater results for less money.

"Save Money, Live Better" - Walmart

Because I developed such a thorough understanding of the ingredients in the products, I felt fairly confident I knew where to start. For example, one of the products (Biocleanse) was basically just straight magnesium pills.

I learned that many of us are magnesium deficient because it is extremely hard to get enough magnesium in our diets, even if we eat really healthy. Magnesium helps with regularity and flushes toxins out of our gut. I ordered some basic magnesium pills off Amazon Prime, and matched the milligram dosage I was taking before.

I also ordered some digestive enzymes to give my digestive system an extra boost. Our body naturally produces digestive enzymes, but due to stress and other lifestyle factors, it might not be enough to properly digest our food - especially if it's highly processed.

Both of these products had great reviews and I figured I would give them a try. I also had some probiotics on hand and have been taking those.

I couldn't find an Amazon replacement for the pink drink, which has prebiotics in it. They stimulate the growth microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi (aka probitoics). There are many foods that are rich in prebiotics, including bananas, oats, apples, cocoa, flax seeds, as well as more obscure foods like chicory root and dandelion greens. However, even though we CAN get it from foods, clearly an extra boost was helping me. I will continue my search for prebiotics and update you on that later.

New Routine

Amazon Prime (and all their amazing workers) came to my rescue. I had these products in two days, and I've been taking them for almost a week. I already feel like my old self again.

I don't really feel bloated anymore, except sometimes if I eat too much in the afternoon/evening, and all other gut issues have virtually disappeared. I have some over-regularity (again... if you know, you know), and I think I just need to figure out the dosage on my digestive enzymes.

I know it's only been a week so I can't say one way or another if these products will be my go-to's forever. However, they cost me ~$20, whereas a month supply of Triplex cost $200.

Like seriously, I can't get over this!!! Just showing off my (not the) best angles hahaha


Okay, let's wrap this up... Triplex would be great if you're looking for a comprehensive gut health solution and network marketing opportunity; it's just not great for me. I am SO glad I tried it and forever grateful for the hope it instilled in me. It inspired me to learn more, understand products ingredients, have the courage to try new things, and take control of my health.

I have no idea if anyone reads these gut health updates, but I will continue to publish them in the hopes that if you or anyone you know is struggling, they can read my story, my struggles, and my wins. If I have learned anything about IBS in the last month, it's that it WILL get better.

IBS is a set of symptoms, not a chronic disease. When we treat the root issue, we can eliminate the symptoms causing us pain in the first place. If anyone tries to offer you a bandaid fix, there's no harm in taking it in the short-term, but keep searching and fighting for a long-term solution. We are on this journey together!

Stay tuned for more articles about gut health. As I'm learning, it's very important :)



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