~Digestible~ Gut Health Resource Library

-> Heard about "gut health" and don't know where to start?

-> Wondering what the heck the microbiome is?

-> Diagnosed with IBS and want to understand why you get so dang bloated?

Say no more, I got you.

At the beginning of this year, I left for a semester abroad in Singapore. Within three weeks, I learned that I loved the food, but the food did not love me back. I felt worse than I had in years.

Before said departure, I had gotten my IBS to 80% "cured" through diet & lifestyle factors (i.e. avoiding trigger foods, regular exercise, etc.) I was managing "fine", but make no mistake, I was not thriving. I was bloated everyday, and I just dealt with it. It wasn't a high enough priority to invest the time to get to 90% or 100% fixed. I was managing.

Well, all of a sudden I was at maybe 50% or 60% - terrible stomach aches, couldn't sleep, EXTREMELY bloated, etc. AND I had had tons of time on my hands. I was desperately searching for a solution, and also motivated to get to the bottom of it once and for all.

I started chronicling my experiences, which you can see here:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

What did I do?

I started reading, listening, and watching videos. I collected a list of a bunch of helpful articles that were actually in plain English and made sense to a sciencey gal like me. No chemical structure diagrams, medical journals, or fancy terms here. In other words, these are digestible resources - pun 110% intended.

I will continue to edit this post as I find new info, but I want to keep it all in one place. Think of this post as a resource library for everything related to gut health, explained by people far more qualified and educated than I am.

All of these links have been personally vetted by me (aka they pass the "plain English" test) and are listed in order of simple/general to complicated/specific. I would recommend starting from the top and working your way down. (Podcasts are at the bottom).


General Gut Health

Mental Health -> Gut Health Connection



Dark Chocolate (yes, it deserves it's own category)

Adrenal Fatigue






Digestive enzymes


These are just a bunch of random episodes that I actually found helpful and would recommend to a friend (not everything I've listened to).

Note: they will all link to Apple Podcasts but you can find the same episodes on whatever platform you like to listen on.

I hope you find this little library helpful!

These resources gave me my power back and helped me stop making excuses for my gut health, so I hope they do the same for you. If you know anyone that struggles with gut issues, please send this to them!

This could most helpful thing you can do for them, aside from giving them your love and support... because, Knowledge is power.

As I mentioned above, I will keep updating this post periodically with resources so just know, you can always come back HERE to find info. I won't make new articles/updates/etc because that would be super confusing.

I am also going to post another update soon with the products I am taking that are helping me right now, along with the other things I do to manage my gut.



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