4 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Class Replay from SuperStar Emily

Hey Friend,

One of our Superstar participants Emily has been doing replays every day because her family eats dinner during class time. I was chatting with her about how the replays are going and she says she loves them because she makes them feel like a live class.

I asked her for some tips to share with you and this is what she shared:

1) Sync Live Comments with the 'Timestamp' feature

This will allow you to see the comments that appeared during the live workout at the time they appeared, which means it feel more like you're there in real-time working out with our team.

In the comments section, click the drop-down menu and select 'Timestamp'. Then, click 'Sync to video in playback time'.

2) Play the Intro

Start the class replay while you setup your space and grab your water and so you get the before-class chit chat like in a live class. You can even add a comment that you're doing it on replay!

Emily says, "I press play from the start and just naturally let your video play out without skipping the intro like when you’re just casually talking too as I get settled into my space."

I love this tip because it gives you time to get in the right headspace. You can transition your focus from whatever was going on outside class to what's about to happen in class. As you know, mental preparation is everything - and as I like to say, strength is in the mind.

3) Act like You're on live!

Pretend you have your webcam on and I am right there watching you, pushing you, and cheering you on!

Emily added, "and obvi give 100% - jess can still see you!"

It's true; I can ;) - and I don't want 100%, I want 110% from you! Even if it's not live, I'm giving you 110% so give it right back!

4) Engage After Class

Leave a comment on the replay that you're finished the workout so other replay-ers can see it too!

And as always, send me a dm to let me know how it went. I love love love hearing from you & cheering you on after class!

Give these tips a try the next time you can't make a live class and are doing a replay. I hope they help you work harder and get the most out of your workout!

Also, huge thanks to Emily for sharing what works for her - keep rocking it superstar!

Lastly, can't wait to see YOU in class soon!



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